17 Muscle Building Foods (Bulk Up Faster)

Everyone asks me how I was able to bulk up fast–my family, my friends, and even guys at the gym. I tell them all the same thing: It all comes down to the foods that I eat to give my body energy.

So I found an amazing video on “17 Great Muscle Building Foods” thanks to Gravity Transformation – Fat Loss Experts. When you get a chance, you should definitely check out their channel. I highly recommend them, and they post a lot of great video content for muscle building and more.

But let’s talk about the video itself. I can tell you from my own experience that all these foods are great for gaining muscle. First of all, eggs are one of my main go-tos in the morning. I meal prep in advance, and you really can’t go wrong with them when you consider all the nutritional content and benefits. Of course, if you don’t like eggs or have an allergy, that’s okay. 

Beef is another pot of gold when it comes down to bulking. Plus, I love it! I add beef to one of my meals every week. The video gives you more resources, and I recommend you try all of them to find which ones you love and want to add to your diet. 

Just remember it’s not going to happen overnight. Like anything else, it takes time, and if you have good genes, you may build muscle faster than others. This actually happens to be the case for me, but without these foods, I wouldn’t have been able to bulk up as quickly as I did.

Check out the video, and let me know what you think!