Surfer’s Workout

Surfing is an adventurous activity you can enjoy for a lifetime. It’s fun and energizing, and at the same time relaxing. Plus, it’s great exercise, whether you are a beginner or have advanced experience. There are a lot of exercises you can do on land to help you prepare, too.

Building Better Balance

Surfing requires balance, yet most rides don’t last long enough for you to actually strengthen that part of your body. Lunges and squats are a great way to strengthen the leg muscles you need to stay balanced on a surfboard. Another great exercise is to stand on one foot with your eyes shut. Try to stand that way for a full 30 seconds, building up to longer periods over time. 

Strengthening The Core

A good side plank with a reach through will help you to build a strong core – a necessary component to rowing, adjusting and making turns. The plank itself strengthens the abdominal muscles while the reach adds the rotator muscles of the core. Lay on your right side and stack your feet in a parallel manner, propping your body up on your right arm. Lift your left arm towards the ceiling and then turn your head to look up at your hand. Bring your left hand down across your front and reach your left hand under your right side, following your hand with your gaze. This will create a twist. Repeat the reach and twist 15-20 times per side.

Leg Strength: Single Leg Squats

You’re going to need strong legs to stay in control of your board, no matter how new or advanced you are. Single leg squat will help you gain more strength in not only your legs, but your hips and core as well. Stand on one leg and lift the other foot a few inches off the ground. Keeping your knee aligned with your toes, bend down to a 45-degree angle of the knee. Keep your back straight and your head up. Do 5 slow reps per leg, attempting to hold them for 1-3 seconds at the top and bottom.