How Much Cardio to Burn Fat?

You decide to lose weight and get more fit and you want the results fast. Right? After some time, though, you may find that you can only drop one or two pounds each week. You probably can’t help but compare yourself to those people who somehow drop 5 or more; or who seem to drop 30 pounds in only a month or two. Maybe a month passes and you’re ready to call it quits on your get fit goal. After all, you’re not shedding pounds as fast as everyone else does.

Well, here’s the thing. The extra weight you’re worried about accumulated over months or even years, so it will take time to lose it, too. Be kind to yourself during this process. Not to mention, people who follow a healthy lifestyle long-term are the ones who keep weight off. Those people dropping 30 plus pounds a week will likely gain it all back once they stop doing what they’re doing.