Why You Should Listen To Music While Exercising

Why You Should Listen To Music While Exercising

(HealthyLifeHacks.net) – It’s time to rise up and get the blood flowing. Exercise is the best way to get the heart pumping fast. For some people, a strict exercise routine comes naturally. But for others, it may take a little boost to get on track. Cranking up the music might be one way to amp up motivation. Here are some reasons why we may want to listen to music while exercising.

Time to Get Pumped Up!

Crank it up! Ever wonder why it feels easier to workout when we have our favorite tunes blaring on our bluetooth or phone? We’ll let you in on a little secret: Listening to music releases feel-good endorphins in our bodies that make us feel happy and excited. So while we’re hitting the treadmill, the spin bike or even jogging around the block, music pumps us up and helps us get ready to hit our workout hard. The endorphins also minimize the muscle pain and discomfort we may feel along the way, allowing our workouts to be even more productive.

It’s All in the Lyrics

Different music triggers different emotional responses when we listen to it. A sad love song may leave us feeling a little blue and down in the dumps. But a fast-paced, feel-good song might have the power to drive us into a brighter day. For workouts, create playlists that create feelings of rising up, achieving our goals and facing anything that comes our way. The right lyrics will resonate in our heads and help us achieve our workout goals.

Great Motivating Factor

Ever watch a favorite workout video online, but the music playing is a total snooze? Mute the sound and blast a personal workout playlist. Whether it’s 80s rock, 90s grunge, hip-hop or country, work out with the video while listening to some favorite music. Having the right tunes lined up with our workout routines improves athletic performance. It may also help us follow our workout to the end.

Choosing the Right Workout Music

Dance party music may keep us pushing through that vigorous workout, but it gets old on repeat. Consider switching it up daily. Blast country dance hits today and try some pop music tomorrow. Diversity could help prevent burnout. To really mix it up, create a hit list with a combination of genres.

One thing is for sure: Music can boost our inner drive, so we strive to do better. For those days when we lack motivation, an upbeat, groovin’ playlist may push us through. And what better way to reward ourselves after a productive workout than a soothing playlist to help us relax and unwind. Volume up!

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