The Workout That Burns More Calories Than Running

Has your running routine got you down, or are you just not a fan of running? Don’t worry: running isn’t the only option you’ve got to burn calories and get fit. I’d like to share with you a workout that burns even more calories than running–and that’s swimming!


Of course, we’re not talking about a leisurely swim. But if you use the right stroke and keep up your pace, you can burn more calories swimming than running. 

Dempsey Marks, personal trainer, certified holistic coach, and self-proclaimed wellness enthusiast, says that swimming is her go-to workout because it works the whole body and puts less weight on your joints. She suggests using our legs, arms, and core to remain above water with each stroke to kickstart calorie consumption with muscle engagement. She recommends the butterfly stroke to increase calorie consumption and notes that the average 150 pound male will burn about 400 calories every half hour. For the breast stroke, about 375 calories are burned every 30 minutes. For added resistance, swimming in the ocean can make you work harder and increase caloric consumption.  

I hope you enjoyed this article. Check out the upcoming article on the 10 best activities you can do to burn calories other than running. Have a wonderful day!