You Won’t Need a Fitness Tracker If You Have This Apple Watch

If you’re a fan of wearing a watch and also use fitness apps, you might want to consider a switch to the Apple Watch. 

The Apple Watch combines technology with the look and feel of a more traditional watch, but it also has some pretty special features you won’t get from your basic timepiece.

1. Clear Marketing

From the start, Apple has been clear about the benefits of their Watch. When they say it’s waterproof, it doesn’t come with a bunch of restrictions. Waterproof means waterproof. With each benefit, the Apple Watch backs up their impressive features without gimmicks or exclusions.

2. Practicality


People who wear a watch usually do so because they want to know the date and time. Some traditional watches may have added features such as timers, but the main reason to wear a watch is because it’s useful. 

The Apple Watch brings all the practicality of a traditional timepiece but then throws in a ton of useful features you just won’t get with a standard wristwatch. From weather to flight data to fitness tracking, the data you need is at your fingertips. Or on your wrist. Close enough. Apple has anticipated more of what the consumer needs and provides it–something other watchmakers may want to keep in mind.

3. Customizable Look

Apple doesn’t just provide the practical features and forget design. Instead, there are a number of strap options to customize the appearance of your Apple Watch. The combination of usefulness and style has this watch standing far above the rest. With new styles released all the time, it’s easy to change up the look of your Watch with a simple accessory purchase. These customization options pay attention to the consumers changing needs and desires and keep the Apple Watch fresh, fashionable, and as ever-changing as you desire.  

Apple’s branding and marketplace sensibilities are successful for a reason. They’re anticipating what consumers may want and finding ways of incorporating them into items they already use. While many companies were focused on creating more apps for the phone, Apple saw an opportunity to make watches step up and meet a need we didn’t even know we had until they presented us with the option. More companies could benefit from that level of customer service and business savvy–giving the consumer what they most want while growing their business.