Signs You Look Sick

No one likes being told that they look sick, but often, there are physical signs that let you, and others know, when you might be sick. 

Here are a few warning signs that may indicate illness.

1. Dry Skin/Lips

If your lips are constantly chapped regardless of the climate, there could be a medical issue in play. While dry ski and dry lips could suggest dehydration, it could also be a sign of hypothyroidism or even diabetes.

2. Unwanted Facial Hair

If you spot unwanted facial hair on your jaw, upper lip, or around the face, it could suggest hormonal imbalance. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a condition related to the hormones that can impact women.

3. Eye Bags

Puffiness and bags under the eyes aren’t just beauty concerns, but they are also warning signs of health issues. If your eyes look tired and puffy, you might have chronic allergies.

4. Pale Complexion

If you notice that your skin is paler than normal or have a yellow tint to your skin, you could be experiencing an iron deficiency.

5. Rashes

Facial rashes could indicate a stomach issue such as irritable bowel syndrome, which impacts digestion and can lead to skin rashes.

6. Your Face Looks Different

Facial imbalance could be a warning for stroke. If your face feels numb on one side, don’t overlook this sign. Get checked out immediately.