Off-Season Adventures

If you need an off-season adventure but don’t have a clue where to begin, here are some amazing off-season spots you might want to explore.

1. Camp under the Northern Lights

Pictures don’t do the lights justice! There’s nothing quite like the dazzling displays of the Aurora Borealis. Much of the viewing area for this natural lightshow is in the wild and snowy Arctic. In Lapland, Finland, for instance, the Northern Lights light up the sky around 200 times annually. For an amazing experience, you can stay in glass igloos or log cabins when visiting to see this dazzling light spectacle.

2. Trek to Machu Picchu in Peru

Take any path along the Inca Trail and you’ll end up at Machu Picchu. The Inca Trail in Peru is certainly one of the most acclaimed hikes in the world, and it doesn’t really have a high season. Travelers climb 26 miles in around 4-5 days, from beautiful vistas to valleys. The rewards of the hike include visiting an ancient ruin, exploring the wilderness, and being dazzled by mountainous landscapes.

3. Hike Na Pali Coast in Hawaii

Many visit Hawaii in the colder times of the year to escape freezing temperatures elsewhere. The 17 miles of shoreline are beautiful year round. One of the top destinations for vacations on the island of Kaurai are the 4,000 foot tall cliffs. Tourists, explorers, and paddlers come from global destinations to paddle from Heana Beach Park to Polihale State Park while seeing the marine life, including dolphins, ocean turtles, and seals. It definitely is characteristic of the amazing sites that Hawaii has on offer.

4. See the Iguazú Falls in Brazil

Iguazu Falls isn’t like any waterfall you’ve seen before. Spreading over 1.6 miles, it consists of 275 cascades. Whether you explore them on foot or take a boat, visiting Iguazu is an absolute thrill. You can even get close to the waterfall. STroll over one of the many wooden footbridges over the Iguazu River to see the astonishing falls, magnificent panoramas, and even a rainbow.

5. Live a Nomadic life in Mongolia

Climbing, biking, rafting, and kayaking are all included in the nomadic life in Mongolia where Genghis Khan once set out to conquer the world. You’ll live in Nomadic clothing, ride ponies, learn archery, and obtain the skills necessary to craft your own clothes. For this off-season adventure, you may need to wake up early to assist your hosts with tasks like milking the cows or making your own dairy products. Try the Wild Mongolia trip. Hike to the pinnacle of a well of lava, visit Khovsgol Lake, investigate the castles, watch local performances, and unwind in Tsenkher natural aquifers.

6. Kayak down a waterfall

Have you ever kayaked down a waterfall? You can. A video of Tyler Bradt shows the World Record Waterfall Descent – 189 feet. The record for kayak drops, set just weeks earlier, had been a 127-foot fall in the Amazon, according to National Geographic. YOu don’t need to go quite to that level to enjoy this amazing adventure.

7. Dive the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

You’ll want to dive the Great Barrier Reef while you still can. Dive into an experience unlike any other. You’ll see an overwhelming amount of unique ocean life–up to 900 types including parrotfish, monster turtles, surgeonfish, ocean cucumber, and starfish.

8. Go on a road trip in Cuba

The best way to see Cuba just might be in a vintage car. A road trip adventure is ideal for enjoying the people, the culture, the experience, and the wild side of Cuba. Investigate a cavern that’s up to 70-feet deep, climb some unusual stone developments, zip line in Cuba’s Las Terrazas Biosphere Reserve, and run the notorious Malecon. 

If you loved these amazing off-season adventure destinations, hang on for part 2. Coming soon!