Clean Out Your Fridge With These Clever Organization Hacks

Clean Out Your Fridge With These Clever Organization Hacks
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( – The refrigerator plays a pivotal role in our day-to-day lives. It’s one of our most frequently used appliances — and one of the hardest to keep clean. Taking some time to organize our fridges offers several benefits. Let’s take a look at why we should all strive for an organized fridge and some clever hacks to keep it as tidy as possible.

Reasons to Organize Your Fridge

Keeping a clean fridge offers many benefits. Here are some reasons to organize our fridges:

  • Eat healthier. It’s a lot easier to make healthier choices when we can actually find the healthy food in our fridge.
  • Prevent waste — and save money. When we allow groceries to pile up in our fridge, uneaten food is more likely to expire. We end up buying duplicates of our favorite products, costing us extra money.
  • Save space. The more space we have in our fridge, the easier it is to find our groceries and prevent them from spoiling.
  • Prevent mold. When our fridge isn’t organized, our food is more likely to become moldy. This mold (along with bacteria) may end up making its way to the fridge shelves. Aside from this being gross and dangerous, it can also cause undesirable odors.

Ready to start organizing the fridge? Here are some ideas.

Use an Egg Carton to Store Condiment Bottles

Because organization is key when it comes to cleaning bad foods out of the fridge, finding a shortcut is important. This process starts with condiments. They end up everywhere, especially way in the back.

Try using the base of an egg carton to manage condiment containers like ketchup and sauces. It’s a great way to spot them right away and check freshness dates. The best part? Turn them upside down, so the mustard or salad dressing always flows right out!

Make DIY Magnet Containers

Do you wind up with small baggies of veggies or leftovers that get lost in the shuffle? An alternative is a magnet container. Take small plastic containers and glue magnets to the bottom. From there, stick them on the inside of the fridge door. This system makes small items like grapes or chopped garlic easy to grab.

Make a Triage Box

Place a box front and center that serves as a catch-all for soon-to-expire items. This is a great way to avoid wasting food. Everyone can grab a yogurt or salad that is about to expire. This reminder box can cut down on expired items and save money on groceries, too!

Keep Shelves Covered

Spills and leftovers in the fridge can be a breeding ground for bacteria and foodborne illness. No one wants to get sick. The goal is to have a clean, sanitized, and healthy food cooler. Because leaks happen, keep cleanup easy. Add shelf coverings using absorbent refrigerator liners. An alternative? Stick Saran Wrap down as a barrier. Simply pull it up if a spill occurs.

Organization is key to an efficiently run home. This starts in the kitchen, inside the fridge. Staying up-to-date on refrigerator contents doesn’t have to be a mega chore. Simplify it with routine organization tips and tricks. It’s time to look forward to a clean and healthy food environment.

~ Here’s To Your Healthiest Life!

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