5 Unbelievable Reasons To Take a COLD Shower

5 Unbelievable Reasons To Take a COLD Shower
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(HealthyLifeHacks.net) – When it comes to taking a relaxing shower, most people choose a hot one to keep body temperatures up. In fact, many of us avoid taking cold showers because it can be an uncomfortable experience. But we may want to rethink that decision.

Research has shown that a cold shower may boast a myriad of health benefits. Check out these five unbelievable reasons to take a cold shower.

1. Leaves Hair and Skin Glowing

Jumping into a cold shower can help constrict blood flow to the skin. This, in turn, can give skin a healthy glow. It also doesn’t dry out the skin’s outer layer, which keeps skin protected while holding moisture in. Washing our hair in cold water helps keep the bonds intact, which reduces split ends and breakage.

2. Reduces Post-Workout Muscle Soreness

When temperatures plummet under cold water, the body starts to regenerate naturally. There is bound to be some muscle soreness and stiffness after a challenging workout. Instead of grabbing an ice pack, go for a full-body treatment under the shower. Muscles will naturally relax and repair themselves in no time.

3. Increases Circulation

When the ice water hits our skin, strange things start to happen. Other than shivering and getting goosebumps, it constricts circulation at the surface. This allows deep tissues to generate faster to boost body temperature. For those who suffer from poor circulation, this can be a temporary fix.

4. Calms Itchy Skin

Suffering from dry, itchy skin? Jumping into a cold shower may remedy the issue. The slight numbing effect caused by the frigid blast may help reduce the need to scratch the skin. This is especially beneficial for those who have a rash or skin condition triggering bouts of bothersome itchiness.

5. Boosts Energy

Just got up? Tired? A cold shower can be a real face slapper early in the morning. A sudden decrease in body temperature helps improve oxygen intake. It also increases heart rate while giving us a heightened sense of alertness. If coffee isn’t helping, jump into a cold shower for a few minutes.

Whether we need to improve our circulatory system or just gain a surge of energy for the day, a cold shower may do the trick. Experts recommend alternating between hot and cold in one-minute intervals. To regenerate and detox, it’s well worth implementing into our routines.

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