5 Adventures to Take This Summer

1. Cliff Diving

Let’s jump right into one of the most efficient adventures on our list: cliff diving. Diving or jumping off a cliff into water should be possible anywhere there’s a bluff overlooking a safe amount of water. It doesn’t require a plan. It only requires a bathing suit and courage–and you can do this at innumerable spots around the globe. One remarkable spot for the new cliff diver is Rick’s Cafe in Negril, Jamaica, where you can have a drink and watch other people dive until you find your own courage. But for a greater risk, check out Palawan in the Philippines.

2. Go Skydiving

Skydiving actually has surprising health benefits including an adrenaline surge and being less prone to stress. Skydiving is all about taking a risk, diving into the moment, leaving your cares behind, and appreciating life.

3. Go To The Beach

Fresh air is just one of the many benefits of heading to the beach. Take in great lungfuls as you stand and smile. Going to the beach can be a healing experience, and you may feel revived as soon as you step onto that sandy shore.

4. Travel To Your Favorite City/Place

Traveling has been shown to improve your health. From decreasing stress to strengthening heart health, the medical benefits of travel are substantial. While traveling, you could remain seated all day, but be sure to add in a walking excursion. For some, the idea of traveling alone could evoke anxiety or depression, but traveling can actually improve your physical and mental well-being.  

Travel takes you out of your comfort zone and expands it. Trust me: travel more, and your primary caregiver will likely see the results. Be sure to visit a doctor before traveling to make sure to fill any prescriptions or check for any vaccinations needed for the area where you’ll be visiting.

5. Go Hiking

From boosting wellness to improving mental outlook, hiking offers many benefits. Next time, you take off into the wild for a long hike, don’t be surprised if you experience the following:

  • Better general fitness, and increased muscle mass
  • Reduction in weight
  • Improves blood pressure, and lowers risk of heart disease
  • Makes you more creative
  • It can help your body heal