4 Winter Wellness Tips to Keep Your Family Healthy

Staying healthy during the winter months can be a challenge. While weather is certainly one reason, many people report lower levels of energy during the winter months. Decreased daylight, which impacts our sleeping cycles, could be at the root of the problem. To stay healthy this winter, consider the following:

  • Try to get natural light as much as possible by going outside. 
  • To improve your sleep, wake up and go to bed at the same time every day.
  • Use exercise and meditation to manage stress.
  • Stay hydrated.   

Eat more fruits and vegetables

While comfort food might be your preference in the winter months, consider incorporating more fruit and vegetables into your diet to stay healthy during the winter months. Eating more plant-based foods could help boost your immune system. 

Try to eat vegetables that are in season during the winter, such as root vegetables. Carrots, parsnips, potatoes, and squash can be made into soup for a cozy winter meal perfect for the whole family. Explore favorite recipes and experiment with new ones. For a sweet treat, you can enjoy a clementine or other delicious fruit option.  

Drink more milk

Keep your bones healthy in winter by drinking more milk, which contains protein, vitamin A, vitamin B12, and calcium. You have the option between skim, 1%, low-fat, and full-fat milk. Milk-based dairy items can also include cheese and yogurt. 

Try new activities for the whole family

While the weather can be the perfect excuse not to get any exercise, consider engaging in a winter-friendly family activity such as ice skating. Taking a walk outside in winter may require bundling up, but the fresh air and exercise can help you stay healthy during those winter months. 

Don’t underestimate the benefits of play either. If you live in an area with snow, playing outside can be a workout of its own. Make snow angels, build snowmen, or have an epic snowball fight to make memories and get active as a family. Staying active can also help break up any cabin fever your family might be experiencing during the cold winter months.