The 4 Healthiest Beverages You Should Be Drinking Now

Do you know how important it is to eat clean and healthy food? Of course you do. There is simply a wealth of information on a variety of food choices that are good for you. However, there is an equally important part of any healthy diet that is too often overlooked.

That’s right, we often forget about healthy drinking habits. 

Certainly, there are a lot of drinks out there that market themselves as healthy, but are they? 

Enter any grocery store and you’ll be greeted with a rainbow of flavored waters or zero-calorie sodas. You’ll see varieties of natural coconut milks and even healthy martini mixes for cocktail hour. With so many colorful options, it can be utterly confusing to choose what truly is natural, healthy or clean, though. 

Let’s have a look beyond the hype and colorful labels so that you can get to the truth about the actual healthiest drinks .

1. Water

It’s true. Water is, indeed, life. And statistically speaking, you’re likely to be dehydrated. Yes, you. Right now. Chronic low-level dehydration is extremely common — and it can have an effect on every part of your health, even your ability to think clearly. 

It doesn’t matter your age or level of activity. One recent study on children showed that half of them were coming to school in the morning dehydrated. They tested them for their level of depression, their ability to pay attention and their eyesight. Then, they were given water and were re-tested. Their scores greatly improved after simply being hydrated. 

Similar studies with adults have confirmed the findings that simply drinking water has both lifted mood and mental performance. 

While the mental and emotional benefits of water are alone a good reason to nudge you to have another glass, there are real physical perks, too. Drinking water has been shown to alleviate upset stomach. So, if you are dealing with pain, bloating, nausea, or constipation, water may be what your diet is missing.

If you’re a soda drinker and just can’t give up the flavor or the fizz, try infusing some sparkling water. Lemon, grapefruit, lime, mint, cucumber, strawberries, ginger… all are fantastic options to add to your glass or a chilled pitcher in your refrigerator. It may even add a few extra vitamins to your diet. 

Water is the most natural, necessary drink in the word and you will want to get an abundance of it each day for your health, even if you drink other things, too.

2. Green Tea

Green tea has a long-standing reputation for possibly being helpful for cancer because it changed how cells die in epithelial tissue, but did you know it may also be protective against vascular disease for a similar reason?

Our blood vessels are also lined with the epithelial cells. This forms a tissue that creates a gas exchange, allowing our blood to flow properly. As we age in our 40s and 50s, these cells begin to die off, opening us up for vascular and heart conditions, plus diabetes and various kinds of cancers. 

 A decline in the production of these cells isn’t inevitable, though. The micronutrient polyphenols in green tea can slow the natural destruction of the epithelial tissues.

Further, if you add lemon to your green tea, you’ll add even more benefit. The lemon will extend the levels of the antioxidants that you’re bringing into your body — slowing the damage to your cells even more.

3. Water with Apple Cider Vinegar

Water with added apple cider vinegar is a nearly ageless folk remedy. It has been used to treat many conditions and illnesses through the years, but now we have the science to back it up. 

Real studies have shown that, with a meal, using Apple Cider Vinegar will not only help you feel more full, but can even reduce a spike in blood sugar. It also was shown to lower triglycerides. 

Using vinegar was found to impact weight and body fat mass in a 12-week study done in Japan. 

Over the course of about 3 months, the study was broken down into 3 groups. One group was given two tablespoons of vinegar with a meal each day, another was given one tablespoon, and the control group was given a vinegar-flavored option, but it didn’t contain any actual vinegar. 

While both vinegar groups lost weight, the higher dose group lost more. They shed an average of 5 lbs and an inch of abdominal body fat. Meanwhile, the control group actually gained some weight.  

You can add your vinegar to food, of course, but adding a tablespoon or two to eight ounces of water will also do the trick — and you’ll be sure to get it all. 

Please don’t drink the apple cider vinegar straight from the bottle without diluting it, though. The ethanoic acid will burn your mouth and throat. Safety first!

4. Pomegranate Juice

What if you aren’t into tea or vinegar? Maybe you’re more of a juice-lover. If you want one of the most nourishing juices you can buy, try pomegranate. 

Pomegranate juice is full of antioxidants that can lower inflammation and protect your cells. Plus, it is also bursting with ascorbic acid, also known as vitamin C, which does many things from boosting your immune system to giving you glowing, healthy skin.

Keep Hydrated

Hydration is so important to every body system. Your heart, your brain, your immune system… even your joints and skin. 

Water is especially essential. Tea and vinegar add antioxidants, flavonoids, and other potent nutrients that can give your health a powerful boost. Juice adds vitamins and energy for strength and muscle growth.

So, yes, make sure you’re eating well, of course. Simply also remember to drink with your health in mind, too. 

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